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Tarpon and Permit and Snook, Oh No!

Our adventure started on August 10th with Clarence Hein and myself, Paul Messner, going to Jake Jacobson’s house in Mukilteo to spend the night. All was going well in the wee hours of the morning as we got in the car to head to SeaTac except for the dead battery. Jake hooked up a charger and then we were on our way. All went smooth through bag check and security and we were on our way to Dallas Fortworth and then onto Cancun. We were met there by Manolo with his nice new Taxi because he informed us he had totaled his old one right after dropping us off last year. Now with no driving worries we headed to the foot taxi in Chiquila and on to Holbox. We were picked up at the marina in Holbox by Carlos and Angel and driven by golf cart to Hotel Holmar and had time for dinner and to get our gear ready for our 6am start.

Day one: Clarence and Jake headed out with Carlos to try for the big Tarpon and I headed out with Angel and Felix (a guide in training) to try for my Super Grand slam. I did get lucky and had my Permit by 8:00am but was unable to land a Bone fish, Snook or Tarpon the rest of the day.

During the rest of the week I did land two Snook, hooked 4 Tarpon, jumped two but was unable to get them to the boat. Had many shots at Tarpon and Bonefish but just didn’t have what they wanted in my fly box.

Clarence and Jake saw a lot of Tarpon and jumped a few and each had one well over 60# on for over 10 minutes but Clarence was the only lucky one that boated a Tarpon. All of us had plenty of chances but didn’t seem to have what they wanted this year.

Our return trip home started with breakfast at a nice Hotel that Jake found by scouring Holbox for someone that served breakfast and he found a good one. After a great breakfast we picked up our bags at the Hotel and waited for our golf cart Taxi. It didn’t show up so the Hotel owners son got one for us but had a very hard time keeping it running. So Clarence volunteered to ride with him and Jake and I walked to the Marina as nothing in Holbox is very far. After a pretty uneventful return Ferry and Taxi ride we returned to Cancun for our return flights. Jake had found an App that helps get you through customs which worked great at Dallas Fort. We got to our plane and found we didn’t have a pilot but after high jacking a pilot from another flight we were off but an hour late. Clarence’s wife, Jill was set to leave early the next morning for a trip and my granddaughter was leaving for college so we both wanted to get back home that night. We thought it would be close but we could make the 12:00 ferry to Whidbey Island. The worry was would the car start? After we finally picked up our bags got to the parking lot and car started right up, we were on our way just flying down I-5 until we hit the construction#@%#$%. We couldn’t tell but there might be a 1:05 ferry and maybe if the construction didn’t last too long but @$#%# it kept going on and on. We got to Jake’s jumped in the car and got to the ferry at 1:03 and was the last car on. THE END of a beautiful trip!

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