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Club's First "Fly Swap" a Success

WIFFC recently organized a "Fly Swap" among its members. In our fly swap participants chose a fly they liked and tied enough that all the other participants could have one. Thank you to the nine who got this event off the ground: Clarence Hein, John Welty, Lou Roscoe, Clayton Wright, Paul Messner, Greg Tritt, Phil Latendresse, Rod Emory, and Bob Stephens. Thank you, too, to Giana Holle who organized and managed the event. Photos of the flies and some of their recipes can be found below. All the flies submitted for this fly swap are great for fish of the PNW. At our next WIFFC zoom meeting (April 14) we’ll have the tiers talk about where, when, and how to fish their fly.

This was the first time our club has organized a fly swap, and people enjoyed it so much that we hope to have more. Stay tuned.

For members interested in fly tying but without fly tying tools, WIFFC has fly tying kits that can be borrowed. We hope these flies inspire you to try a new pattern or just try fly tying for the first time.

The Flies:

Anglers Damsel Nymph #10 by Rod Emory

Hook – Mustad 3906B #10-12

Thread – Olive 6/0 or UTC 140

Tail/Abdomen– Olive Marabou

Eyes – Olive or Black 11/0 Glass Bead with Red 20 lb. Monofilament

Rib – Small Gold Wire

Head – Dark Olive DDH Leech Dub (recipe calls for marabou fibers dubbed onto


Legs – Speckled Hen Saddle

Durgler (Deer Hair Gurgler) by Phil Latendresse

Goddard Caddis by Paul Messner

Golden Bead Head Rolled Muddler Minnow by Bob Stephens

#8 Mustand 9672 or other 3xL Streamer Hook

6/0 Red Uni-Thread

Mallard Flank Dyed Wood Duck

Size 12 Gold Mylar Tinsel

Yellow Krystal Flash

Lateral Scale

Deer Hair for spinning

This fly is intended to imitate chum fry or small sculpins for searun cutthroat

Grey Ugly by Clayton Wright

Jim Evans Special by Lou Roscoe

Hook: Mustad 3XH/7XL Size 10

Thread: Black 8/0 (70 denier)

Tail: Hot Red Saddle Hackle Fibers (stripped)

Body: Purple Antron Chenille (Medium)

Hackle: Lady Amherst Pheasant (Reverse Tied)

Bead: (head) Bright Gold 1/8"

Keta Rose by Clarence Hein

Un-named by John Welty

Red Top Hale Bopp by Greg Tritt

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